About Me

Azima Allie is the owner of Allie Mortgage, your local mortgage brokering company for North York. She approaches the business with a caring, nurturing and mothering perspective and that reflects in the way each client is treated. Azima used to be a banker and was discouraged when people were turned down for loans because they didn’t meet some specific requirements.

By joining the mortgage broker team, she was better able to develop relationships with lenders and thus better equipped to help clients realize their dreams of becoming homeowners.

Allie has earned the respect of fellow mortgage brokers, lenders and clients as incredibly caring, resourceful and hard working. She is also known for her strong personality and can-do attitude. “I build relationships for life,” she says. The truth in this statement is reflected in the fact that most of her clients come from other clients praising her treatment of them and their hopes and dreams for becoming homeowners.

You won’t find anyone more committed to her clients than Allie. She wakes up every day, brimming with excitement, unable to wait until she walks through those office doors. To Allie, this job hardly feels like work but rather the realization of a passion for helping people!

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